Vehicle Tracking with GPS

Track any vehicle in real time

Vehicle tracking using GPSTracking with GPS can be used a part of an ongoing investigation, or provide real time information on the location of a vehicle or your expensive plant machinery and equipment.

GPS Trackers

We use the same GPS trackers as government and law enforcement agencies. Our trackers are

  • Discretely installed
  • Provide cost effective surveillance
  • Monitor a subject’s movements 24 hours a day

In many instances we do not need access to the vehicle to be tracked and the system can be quickly and covertly deployed.

Use GPS tracking to:

  • Gain peace of mind
  • Prevent unauthorised use
  • Save money

When spouses or employees change their behaviour it can be natural to begin doubting their whereabouts.  With GPS tracking installed we can provide real time information on the location of their vehicle, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your partner or staff are where they said they would be.

Are overtime and mileage allowance claims higher than expected? Vehicle tracking provides a complete historical record of the times and places visited and helps prevent unauthorised and out of hours use of company vehicles and fraudulent claims for overtime and mileage allowance.

By installing GPS with tracking you will know exactly where your delivery vehicles are stopping.  This prevents unscheduled stops and theft from of your valuable cargos.

Our sophisticated equipment can not only track real time but log positions where the trackers has been over a period of time.  We can also configure the device to alert us by test message when it has moved, entered or left a defined area or location.

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