Missing Persons

Trace a missing personglasgow private investigator tracing person service

We’re often asked to investigate missing persons for the reasons below and because you might want to:

  • Remarry
  • Reunite a family
  • Revive old memories
  • Trace a debtor

Our private investigators successfully locate missing persons across the UK.  Our successes include finding birth parents and siblings.

Hiring us saves you time and is often more cost effective than you trying to trace the person yourself – and when we find the person in question – we can approach them for you.

To successfully investigate a missing person we’ll need as much information as possible and ideally their name, date of birth, last known location and who they lived with.  We have access to databases that are not available to the public.   Where necessary we can canvas friends and family and physically search an area.   We’ll be discrete and keep you updated every step of the way.

We have been tracing people for over 35 years.  We work with families to reunite them, or let them move on.  We work with solicitors to trace heirs and witnesses and we work with landlords to locate missing tenants.

Tracing individuals

We were hired by a client seeking his grandfather’s war medals so they could be given to his own elderly father.  The client had traced the war medals through a genealogy website but was having difficulty in establishing contact with the person who was alleged to have owned them. We traced this individual who responded to our pleas and the war medals were reunited with their grateful owner.

Tracing debtors

We were hired by a housing association to trace debtors, tenants who had abscond from their homes owing thousands of pounds in rent arrears.  We traced each debtor and despite the number each one was located within one week.  The housing association was able to take appropriate action and successfully recovered the money owed.

Hire us and we’ll do our best to find you who are looking for.  Call us on 0141  548 8055 for a free and confidential telephone  consultation.

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Boothroyd Associates Ltd provides a professional investigation service across the UK.  Members of: The Association of British Investigators, The Institute of Professional Investigators, Ex Police in Industry and Commerce, the World Association of Professional Investigators and registered with the Information Commissioner.

We provide a professional trustworthy service, we are regulated and act in accordance with the law at all times.