Top 5 tips on hiring private detectives

5 tips when hiring a private detective

Protect yourself from unscrupulous practices by following our tips on hiring a private detective.

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When you’re dealing with a business on the Internet it pays to find out as much as you can about who you are really dealing with – after all, you could be just about to hand over some very personal or sensitive data about yourself and your circumstances.

When hiring a detective we suggest talking to the detective in-person and here are some questions to consider:

Is the detective experienced?

Ask the detective how much professional training and experience they have and how they came to be a private detective. Many detectives, likes those at Boothroyds, are ex- law enforcement or military and bring with them skills from their previous profession.

What field of investigation do they specialise in?

You may need to hire a detective with specialist skills, for example in surveillance, tracing people or fraud.  Others may have more experience of matrimonial enquiries, personal injury and work place absence.  Think about your situation and the types of skills you will require.  Also ask if all work will be completed in house or outsourced, it’s important to know who’ll have access to your confidential information.

Is the detective vetted?

Ask your detective about their professional affiliations and memberships.  Some, although not all, private investigator bodies strictly vet members and have equally strict ethical codes. The Association of British Investigators (ABI) does the most to ensure competence, criminal records and insurance cover checks.  This is our ABI membership and accreditation certificate ABI Certificate.  The ABI as an organisation is also accredited by the law society and is an approved service provider to The Law Society for Scotland.

Is the detective local?

Many detective investigation agencies appear to offer national coverage.  0800 and 0845 numbers may offer you free or local rate calls but they can also be used to mask the actual location of the agency you are calling.  Check the investigator’s website and look for a physical address and if you can, verify that address by other means, for example does the investigation company appear in other directories listing the same address.  Also ask to meet the investigator.

Does the investigator have proper insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is part and parcel of running a  legitimate business, so ask your investigator about their cover.

Choosing the best investigator for you

Ask if the investigator you are speaking with will be handling your case personally.  This is an  important point because many investigative agencies are what’s known in the trade as ‘facilitators’.  Facilitators are companies or individuals who appear to offer investigative services across the breadth of the country.

Facilitators are able to offer this nationwide service by sub-contracting their cases to local private investigators.  By the time your sensitive information or predicament is sub-contracted or handed over to a third party you’ll no longer be in control of who is handling your affairs.

As it stands private investigators in the UK are not required to be licensed.  This means the it’s your responsibility to find out as much as you can about the person who will be handling your sensitive situation.

Using the 5 tips above combined with your judgement should help you hire the best detective for you.

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