Theft & Fraud

Private investigations to resolve theft and fraud

fraud investigator GlasgowBoothroyd investigators include ex-police officers with backgrounds including CID special investigations.

We guarantee our investigators have the skills and experience to investigate on your behalf.

Not limited to investigating fraud, Boothroyds have assisted clients in cases of:

  • Theft
  • Drug dealing
  • Anti social behaviour
  • Murder

Whether you are a private individual, business owner or acting on behalf of a local authority or a multi national company we will discuss your requirements in detail.  We will be discrete and conduct all meetings off site at your convenience.

Fraud investigations

Company Fraud

We were hired by a multi national company to investigate a team of fraudsters who had set up a fictitious company and were acquiring large quantities of goods on credit over a relatively short period of time.  Having obtained a substantial amount of merchandise, and not having paid for it, the fraudsters vanished.

Our investigation led to the identification and location of one the perpetrators.   He was placed under surveillance and unwittingly lead our team to the new premises of the gang where they continued to engage in their illegal activities.  We informed the fraud squad who were only too happy to raid the premises and lock up these persistent organised criminals.

Theft investigations

Vending machine theft

A drinks vending company had been experiencing thefts from inside the vending machine.  A member of staff with keys for the machines was suspected.  The solution was to install a hidden camera, however this was no easy task because  the engineers who service these machines on a daily basis are intimately familiar with their interiors.

Our expertise allowed us to install a bespoke made-to-measure spy camera.  The camera recorded all the proceeds and transactions inside the machine and the culprit was soon identified, resolving the problem and loss.

Precious metal theft

The manufacturer of aluminium products hired us to find those responsible for the theft of their raw materials.  We used hidden cameras to show that the thieves were being assisted by employees in an adjacent factory.  The footage showed the forklift driver placing the raw metal into a huge plastic water container on to which a lid was swiftly placed.  The container was then loaded onto a lorry belonging to neighbouring company and the lorry was followed by our surveillance team to a scrap metal dealer where the valuable metal was sold for a fraction of its true cost.

Drug dealing and anti social behaviour

We were hired by a local authority who required a bespoke solution to tackle drug dealing in a block of flats.  The area was extremely difficult to operate in covertly but we managed to install a multi  covert hidden camera system that was transmitted to a secure location allowing investigators to watch the proceedings and the police eventually to make arrests.  Similar successful operations have been conducted on behalf of local authorities and housing associations in cases of drug dealing and other anti social behaviour matters.

We have assisted journalists in numerous drug dealing investigations.  During one such investigation an undercover investigator was stabbed in a very dramatic incident, all of which was caught on hidden camera.  Not only were the drug dealers caught and convicted but so was the assailant who was sentenced to three years imprisonment.


Acting for defence solicitors in a murder case we tracked the movements of their client at the time of the incident.  The crown had indicted the individual was at the scene of the murder and who, one of the many witnesses had stated in a statement, had physically assaulted the victim as he lay on the ground.  Our investigation showed the attack and revealed several more minutes of footage of the defendants movements than the police had made available to the prosecutors.

It was not only demonstrated that the defendant was some 20 meters away at the time of the brutal attack, but it was evidenced that she was using her mobile phone which tied in with 999 records to the ambulance service. This showed that the defendant had actually called for help for the victim as opposed to being part of the attack on him.

The defendant was acquitted and others convicted of the killing which became a much publicised case as the culprits had placed boasts of their crime on the Internet and the were known as ‘the You Tube killers’.

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