My spouse wasn’t cheating

Matrimonial investigation reveals no infidelity

Our investigators are contacted almost daily by spouses in distress, feeling overwhelmed by suspicions that their spouse is cheating on them.

We see our job as delivering peace of mind because whatever the outcome, when our investigation is complete, at least you’ll know the truth.

In this case we were contacted by a lady in Glasgow, concerned by the changes in behaviour she was seeing in her husband.

Our client comments “My husband seemed to be making regular withdrawals from his bank and was acting very strangely.  I contacted Boothroyds and they explained the different ways to see what was going on.

I thought my husband had developed some sort of illicit habit, was seeing someone else or was hiding something from his distant past.   The investigators discovered that he was actually displaying signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

The matter was handled very delicately and I was able to get my husband the medical help he needed. I was grateful for the very caring and discrete approach that was taken.”

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Not all changes in behaviour are sinister but if you’re plagued by suspicions the suspicions alone can ruin your day.  Based on our experience we can conduct  a private investigation on your behalf and this can include surveillance or vehicle tracking as necessary.

In recent months we have successfully completed investigations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Reading and Essex.

Our service is confidential with the utmost discretion assured.

We are experienced professional investigators, calling us is easy though you may dread the thought of doing so.  We have been around for a very long time.  When you call you’ll find a friendly and sympathetic ear.  We are members of various professional investigator bodies and these are your guarantees that we always work within a strict ethical code and adhere to the laws of the land.