Security Audits

Are you worried about the security of your operations?

We can put your mind at ease by providing a security audit to meet the needs of your unique circumstances.

When it comes to evaluating the security of professional and corporate operations we can list American Express in Brighton and a significant American owned complex within the City of London, as past clients.

The service you can expect may include:

  • Interviewing key staff
  • Examination of your exiting security protocols
  • Review of your CCTV operations, control access and alarm systems
  • Efficacy of physical barriers and manned security systems.

Ask yourself this: how easy is it to gain physical access your premises or staff-at-work?

We are experienced in penetration testing where one of our team will attempt to overcome the security measures you have in place.  We believe a true test of security is reflected in how easily, and quickly, we gain free roam of your premises.

Penetration testing will highlight weaknesses in your existing security set-up and reveal the actions taken by your security, and non-security staff, when it comes to dealing with non-familiar personnel.  This is service we provide on a periodic basis for a number of clients, including a prominent communications and broadcasting company with centres throughout the UK.

Most recently we provided a comprehensive security audit and review to a worldwide electronic gaming company.  They were worried about unauthorised access to their premises and the theft of intellectual property.  Specifically, they were concerned about ‘visual intrusion’ where they believed a theft could take place without the perpetrator being on the premises.  On this occasion the security audit included the use of drones to provide the client with full peace of mind.

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