Private investigator fees

How much will hiring a private investigator cost me?

Below you’ll find our typical rates per investigator.  You might already know what you need but please do call 0141 548 8055  because based on our experience we’re often able to offer a more cost effective solution than you may realise.

The cost per investigator depends on the time of day.

The cost of every investigation is different and will depend upon a number of factors including:

  • The number of investigators required
  • When the investigation takes place (daytime, evening or through the night)
  • The need for any special equipment

London price on application and subject to a minimum of six hours.

Charges for a typical investigation

To help you decide if a private investigation is an option you want to pursue we have put together some costing for three common scenarios.  For a more detailed discussion of you own situation and the likely cost of solving your problem or putting your mind at ease please call 0141 548 8055 (Glasgow), or 07525 047007. 

Matrimonial surveillance

A client called us because she believed her husband to be having an affair and that the extra marital activity was taking place while our client worked night shift.  We discussed various options with our client and decided it best to surveil her property (the marital home) over a period of three nights, the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening when our client would be at work.

The surveillance included a two man team and was arranged for 8pm – midnight on each evening.  If the client’s husband left their home our investigators were instructed to follow the husband and to continue surveillance through the night until the husband returned home.  On the first evening the husband stayed at home. On the second evening the husband was surveilled leaving the marital property and followed to an address 30mins away where he entered a domestic residence and where the door to the residence was opened by a female.  At 2.25am the husband left the residence.  He was accompanied to the door by a female in nightwear.  We reported our findings including video evidence to our client and the third night of surveillance was cancelled because although deeply distressed our client was now sure of her husband’s indiscretions.

In this instance the charge for the private investigation was £625 +VAT plus mileage.

Tracing birth mother

A lady who was adopted at birth had failed in several prior attempts in locating her birth mother before contacting us.  With the details provided we were able to conduct desk based research to establish the current location of the mother and this was followed up by physical surveillance to establish without doubt that the birth mother was residing at the address we had uncovered.  In this instance and with a great deal of sensitivity we approached the birth mother (at her daughter’s request) and left with her a letter, some photographs and the telephone number of her birth daughter.  A few days later mother and daughter met for the first time since their separation and was welcomed with open arms into a new part of her family.

In this case the cost to hire a private investigator was £270 + Vat plus mileage.

Suspected sickness fraud

We were approached by a local business where the owner believed one of his employees was fraudulently claiming sickness benefit.  The employee was an electrician and over the course of a two week surveillance (at different times each the day) was observed entering and leaving a number of domestic premises and on each occasion with a works bag in hand.  Video evidence was provided to the employer and the employee dismissed.

We charged £1440 + VAT and mileage to complete this investigation.

The exact charge for a private investigator will vary from case to case and you must also be prepared to cover incidental expenses for example entry fees or the purchase of food or drink if the surveillance is being conducted on licensed premises or restaurant.

In some cases your fears may be unfounded and in other cases we’ll provide a written report that confirms your suspicions.  In each and every case you can be assured of our utmost professionalism, sensitivity and discretion.

Do you have more questions on the cost to hire a private investigatior?  Call us 0141 548 8055. 

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If you haven’t used a private investigation service before you’ll find more info on our website answering frequently asked questions and to help you choose the best investigator for you.  We offer a professional investigation service across the UK backed up by our experience of ex-police officers, military personnel and professional memberships.