New evidence uncovered related to high-profile home invasion

Boothroyds organised a trailer to advertise a reward after a home invasionBoothroyds is working towards the recovery of family jewellery after a high-profile home invasion in Bothwell, Scotland.

The burglary took place on a Sunday afternoon while the family were on holiday.  On their return the family discovered high value jewellery and watches had been stolen.  But more importantly, items of sentimental value had also been taken.

Boothroyds initiated a two prong approach.  Firstly they hired an advertising trailer to raise awareness of the break-in and the accompanying reward for information leading to the recovery of the stolen items.  The trailer was placed strategically throughout the local and wider community.

The Boothroyd detectives, who are ex-police detectives, also found witnesses that the current police investigation had overlooked as well uncovering further evidence from the crime scene for submission for forensic examination.