Fraud investigation cuts insurances losses

Fraud investigations to cut private & corporate loss

On a number of occasions our investigation services have been called on by insurance companies, particularly in relation to fraud.

In this case we were asked to investigate a person suspected of working while claiming a substantial monthly amount on an insurance policy covering them for being made redundant.

Our surveillance operatives followed the subject who was discovered to be working on a daily basis as a plasterer.  He was clearly intentionally defrauding the insurance company and on the basis of our evidence all payouts were halted and further losses on this case were prevented.

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Our investigators are discreet, professional and have successfully completed fraud investigations across the UK.

Using our expert knowledge of surveillance techniques we have cut fraud related loss for insurance companies, local authorities, and corporate clients.

Boothroyd Associates Ltd provides a professional investigation service across the UK.  Members of: The Association of British Investigators, The Institute of Professional Investigators, Ex Police in Industry and Commerce, the World Association of Professional Investigators and registered with the Information Commissioner.

We provide a professional trustworthy service, we are regulated and act in accordance with the law at all times.