Bespoke hidden cameras cut loss from theft

Hidden camera surveillance techniques can cut your losses

Our investigators have conducted hidden camera operations for numerous clients and try to avoid some methods which in our opinion have become somewhat clichéd.

In one instance while investigating large scale cash thefts we were challenged with introducing a hidden camera into an area which was extremely sterile, with little opportunity to hide a camera.  The only place that would provide a suitable view was in wooden furniture within the cash store.

A camera was embedded into similar piece of pine wood with the lens peering through a knot in the wood.  The wood was then added to an appropriate place in the structure allowing the thief to be observed from within a managers office.

On a similar installation we caught a thief who stole in excess of £34,000 in two visits.

We also installed a hidden camera to catch a sneaky thief stealing cash from colleagues.  The camera was installed on a Sunday evening awaiting the staff arriving at 9am the following Monday morning.

In what is probably a record, the thief struck and was detected at 9.35am.

The client dealt with the matter swiftly and found the thief to be a long established and trusted employee who would have been a  long way down any list of suspects.

Is theft taking place on your premises?

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