Private detective service FAQs

Our private detective service and what to expect

As private detectives operating across the UK we’re often asked about our services – specifically what we can and can’t do.

Below are some of the questions we’re commonly asked.

We offer a free and confidential 30min consultation.  When you call 0141 548 8055 we’re happy to answer your questions in person.  There are many issues we can help resolve, and few we haven’t dealt with before.

Can your agency prove someone has a medical condition?

Sometimes – depending on whether the condition is observable, for example, issues affecting mobility are observable.

Can your agency access medical records?


When we’re asked to verify a medical condition it’s often related to a suspicion of fraud in which we case we usually suggest surveillance.  We often catch those defrauding their employers within a day or two.

Can you do DNA testing?


I’d like a background check, what does it cost and how long will it take?

This will depend on what you want to know, the type of information or evidence you require and the amount of information you have already.  Please do get in touch on 0141 548 8055 for a free and confidential telephone consultation.  You can tell us about your situation and we’ll tell you what we would do in your circumstances.

Can you do a reverse phone lookup, tell who is texting me anonymously or obtain an ex-directory phone number?

Yes – if it can be done so legally.  We have invested heavily in a number of databases which make available to us a vast array of personal information all of which has been legally obtained.

How do I become a private detective?

The Association of British Investigators (ABI) offer advice and training for looking for a career within a detective agency and we suggest you give them a call.

Do you have any vacancies?

Unfortunately we have no vacancies at this time.

Can I apply for work experience?

Because of the confidential nature of our work we do not offer work experience.

What else would you like to ask us?

Call now on 0141 548 8055 for a free and confidential telephone consultation.

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With over 35+ years of experience we’ve seen and heard more than most and can you resolve the situation you’re facing.  Our detectives work across the UK and our professional memberships assure you of expertise and trustworthiness.