Brand Protection

Brand protection & anti-counterfeiting measuresbrand protection private investigator Glasgow

Counterfeit products cost you money.

Consumers lose confidence in your brand.

Boothroyds has extensive experience in anti-counterfeiting measures.

We have:

  • worked with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)
  • considerable knowledge of copyright & trademark law & investigation
  • connections that allow close liaison with enforcement agencies both locally & nationwide

Brand protection clients

On numerous occasions we have successfully completed operations in brand protection for major clothing, drinks, and other high profile merchandise brands.  We have investigated piracy and counterfeiting of goods.

Anti-counterfeiting operations

We use undercover operatives, test purchase and surveillance in our anti-counterfeiting operations.  We identify offenders & recover counterfeit goods.

Brand protection in operation

A quality clothing brand was advised by the authorities of large amounts of counterfeit goods entering the country bound for a specific address.  We investigated the premises and the company involved with it and identified a supply chain of counterfeit goods through small warehouses and market stalls.  Trading standards were grateful to receive the outcome of our investigations which they swiftly acted on.

A franchiser found a former franchisee was ripping off their brand and consequently retaining and stealing their clients.  Using an undercover investigator equipped with a hidden camera we engaged the services of the  errant former franchisee and obtained details of the trading methods they were using and the marketing material they were circulating which clearly evidenced the client’s brand being used.  The client was successful in a court action to curtail the abuse of their brand.

Anti-countering operations in action

We assisted a communications company whose broadcast reception equipment was illicitly altered to receive services for free. Over a period the gang involved sold our undercover operatives the number of doctored appliances.  We eventually unpicked the clandestine supply route and identified the address of the technical mastermind behind the gang.  His premises was raided successfully and a huge quantity of goods and equipment seized.  The premises was also found to be a shrine to Star Wars and the culprit was clearly a big fan.  One of our investigators was quick to realise the date of the raid was the 4th May and before the search warrant was executed, quipped “may the forth go with you!”

If you feel your brand is under threat or your IP at risk of being stolen we have considerable experience in the brand protection field and high success rates using anti-counterfeit measures.  As private investigators based in Glasgow  we are members of a number of professional bodies and these are our guarantees to you that we are trust worthy and act with integrity and within the law at all times.  For a confidential and free telephone consultation please call us on 0141 548 8055 (Glasgow) or 0131 208 0556 (Edinburgh) or use the online enquiry form.