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hire private investigator scotlandHire a private investigator in Scotland

Boothroyds are based in Glasgow Scotland with offices in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.

We conduct private investigations in Scotland and across the UK.

Do you need a Scottish investigator to resolve issues relating to:

  • Cheating partners
  • Lost relatives
  • Breach of business contracts

Boothroyds have been in the business of investigations services for over 35 years.  Our investigators come from police & military backgrounds.  The MD of Boothroyds served with one of Scotland’s largest police forces, Strathclyde.  We know the area and the people.

Cheating partners

In many instances when partners stray, they do so away from home.  Weekends away visiting friends or business trips are often cited by misbehaving partners as reasons for being away.  If you know your partner is going to be visiting Scotland our surveillance techniques can offer you the peace of mind you may be looking for.

We were approached by a client from Liverpool whose wife had left home saying she was going to live with a friend in the south of England.  However, the client had found some receipts from premises in Glasgow in their car.  The receipts were dated for a weekend when the wife had previously visited her friend in the south of England.  We were asked by the client to trace his wife and we did so the following day.  The wife was traced to the house of a man she had met on holiday two years before.

Sometimes our investigations take us beyond Scotland.  We were asked by a wife to investigate her husband who was allegedly on a business trip to Prague.  We followed the husband to the Czech capital, and confirmed the wife’s suspicions, that he was not on a business trip at all.

Our investigators evidenced the husband using seedy establishments and picking up a girl in a bar.  When the investigators noticed a web cam on the bar they contacted the client who was able to connect to it via the Internet and chose to witness first hand what her husband was up to on his trip.

Lost Relatives

We are often contacted by overseas clients who are looking for long lost relatives and this is a service we are happy to provide.  Often times these clients are frail or elderly and we do our utmost to meet their needs and manage their expectations, in a way that takes in to consideration their vulnerable position.

We dealt with one such elderly lady recently.  We were able to re-unite the lady with her brother who had not been in contact for over 23 years. She found a whole new branch of her family and was delighted with the service.

When only a local will do

In many cases, whatever the reason you need a private investigator, you need someone who is local to a specific area.  As investigators Scottish born and bred we know our beat, where to look and who to ask.

The parents of a young man from Berkshire requested our investigation services because they believed their son had travelled to Glasgow to meet with an older man he had met on the Internet.   They were distraught.  We were contacted late in the afternoon and by early evening had located the missing young man.

The parents took some comfort knowing their son was at least safe.  Early the next morning we spoke with the young man and persuaded him to phone home.

If you need our help, don’t be afraid to call.  Calling a private investigator can be a difficult thing to do but you can rest assured our length of service has brought us into contact with most situations and environments.

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Boothroyds is an independent private investigation service based in Glasgow Scotland.  We are members of several professional bodies and these are our guarantees to you that we are trustworthy and act with integrity and within the law at all times.