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Do you need a private investigator?

Are you sick of being lied to?

Do you just want to know the truth?  To put your mind at ease for once and for all?

We can help – and we have been helping people like you for over 35 years.

We’re a family business of independent private investigators

From our offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh and with detectives in Liverpool and London we conduct all sorts of investigations all across the UK.

How can a private investigator help?Hire a private investigator Glasgow

Pain, doubt and wrong doing are difficult emotions to deal with.

For over 35 years we have been helping clients deal with these emotions while delivering peace of mind, closure, and justice.

Don’t be reluctant to hire an investigator

Hiring a private investigator is a difficult decision to make.  You’re facing a painful situation, perhaps you have doubts or misgivings or simply feel something isn’t right.  You want to make the right decision and not be seen to over react.

When it comes to making that call, everyone feels that same way. No one wants to appear to be a fool, to have made silly mistakes or to have been taken advantage of.  But whatever your predicament is, you are not the first and you won’t be the last.

For over 35 years Boothroyd Associates have been involved in private investigations in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across the UK. Our investigators are personable and friendly, we have already helped people just like you.  Take comfort and reassurance from our experience.

Private investigation services

We provide private investigation services to private and corporate clients.  We have specialists in matrimonial investigations.

A female client came to us recently because she had become suspicious of her fiance.  His behaviour towards her had changed and he had become protective of his mobile phone.  We agreed a course of action with the client and within a few days presented video evidence confirming the fiance’s infidelity.

However, not all changes in behaviour are indicative of a cheating spouse.

Another client came to us recently because she noticed that her husband’s behaviour had changed too.  Our client asked us to investigate because she  was worried that her husband was having an affair or hiding an illicit habit.

During  surveillance we discovered that our client’s husband was showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease.  The case was handled discretely and sensitively.  Our client is relieved that her fears were unfounded and her husband is now receiving the help he needs with his condition.

Our investigation services are not just limited to matrimonial affairs.  We conduct private investigations for a range of private and corporate clients, ranging from insurance and sickness fraud to tracing missing tenants with rent arrears.

Calling a private investigator is a difficult thing to do but we are here to help.  We are friendly, non judgemental and have over 35 years of investigative experience.  Call us now for a confidential and free telephone consultation on 0141 548 8055.

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Boothroyd Associates Ltd provides a professional investigation service across the UK.  Members of: The Association of British Investigators, The Institute of Professional Investigators, Ex Police in Industry and Commerce, the World Association of Professional Investigators and registered with the Information Commissioner.  We provide a professional trustworthy service, we are regulated and act in accordance with the law at all times.